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Date Jun 21 2004 8:50PM
Emails: xxx@bellsouth.net
Comment: Excellent experience except checkout process could have been easier.

Date Jun 21 2004 1:59PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: Great web site overall!

Date Jun 21 2004 10:13AM
Emails: xxx@bilzin.com
Comment: Very pleased with ordering experience. Hope quality of product is as expected.

Date Jun 21 2004 6:33AM
Emails: xxx@msn.com
Comment: excellent company, great prices and service

Date Jun 20 2004 9:25PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com

Date Jun 20 2004 10:50PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: InknTech is a great place for DVD and CD burnable media. I love their FREE shipping!

Date Jun 20 2004 7:39PM
Emails: xxx@verizon.net
Comment: My number one source for ordering all my dvdr media!

Date Jun 20 2004 6:04PM
Emails: xxx@1mcd.usmc.mil
Comment: Great site and great service! I will shop here again.

Date Jun 20 2004 5:58PM
Emails: xxx@aol.com
Comment: great products with even greater prices!

Date Jun 20 2004 3:42PM
Emails: xxx@prodigy.net
Comment: I am grateful that yur company lists products on Pricewatch. Thanks.

Date Jun 20 2004 3:23PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: This is the first time ordering from this company so I have no comments to make except that I anticipate that the result will be worth the wait and the expense.

Date Jun 20 2004 2:57PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: I've shopped here for over a year they have good products at low prices.

Date Jun 20 2004 9:51AM
Emails: xxx@cox.net
Comment: Great price, easy navigation. Thanks guys!

Date Jun 19 2004 11:04AM
Emails: xxx@verizon.net
Comment: Easy to find what you are looking for!!! Nice web layout!!

Date Jun 19 2004 10:22AM
Emails: xxx@stuartwelch.com
Comment: Excellent base price and great promo (free shipping). If I'm pleased with the product, then I'll definitely be shopping here again and telling people about the site.

Date Jun 19 2004 1:07AM
Emails: xxx@i-heart-sushi.net
Comment: good site and cheaper prices, will come back here again.

Date Jun 18 2004 6:32PM
Emails: xxx@highstream.net
Comment: I have ordered from InknTech before. I am completely satisfied and will order from them again.

Date Jun 18 2004 4:48PM
Emails: xxx@aol.com
Comment: My first order of Ritek g04 DVD & Black dvd cases arrived in seven days as promised.Both of the products purchaed perform as expected. The free shipping is an extra bonus. I just placed my second order with InknTech today.

Date Jun 18 2004 1:45PM
Emails: xxx@metzero.com
Comment: I,m satisfied with service and products purchased from you.

Date Jun 18 2004 12:17PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: InknTech well represented themself.

Date Jun 18 2004 9:52AM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: I love your site and I love your prices. Fast free shipping. Keep up the good work

Date Jun 18 2004 6:37AM
Emails: xxx@bellsouth.net
Comment: I searched for the best price`s with msns search engine for blank dvd`s i could not find one that beat your prices and free shipping i am going to look in at some of your other stuff and marked your site in my favorites thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Date Jun 18 2004 3:31AM
Emails: xxx@charter.net
Comment: ALL Good

Date Jun 17 2004 7:27AM
Emails: xxx@adelphia.net
Comment: Good Prices!

Date Jun 17 2004 6:26PM
Emails: xxx@infoane.net
Comment: easy site great prices easy ordering

Date Jun 17 2004 4:44PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: no shipping on printer ink is great... makes your product cost less in the long run because you pay less for the overall order

Date Jun 17 2004 1:50PM
Emails: xxx@softhome.net
Comment: Site is great. Checking out was easy. prices look great so far.
Date Jun 17 2004 11:10AM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com

Date Jun 17 2004 6:13AM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: cheap dvd cases, in the quantity i need. plus i've dealt with them in the past.

Date Jun 17 2004 5:58AM
Emails: xxx@cox.net
Comment: Excellent prices on my purchase and on other items I'm interested in.

Date Jun 16 2004 7:27PM
Emails: xxx@mailaka.net
Comment: I decided to order from you because of no hidden charges and free shipping. You were fully up front and honest with your business practices.

Date Jun 16 2004 7:58AM
Emails: xxx@knightsmith.com
Comment: Pricing is good - on par with competitors. What differentiates is Free Shipping -

Date Jun 16 2004 6:09PM
Emails: xxx@petejc.com
Comment: Great prices and free shipping!

Date Jun 16 2004 1:05AM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: overall good experience

Date Jun 16 2004 6:37AM
Emails: xxx@adelphia.net
Comment: Weel organized site and clear easy ordering and payment. Overall an excellent online merchant.

Date Jun 15 2004 11:05PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: hi just like to tell you that i like your site, i think it great, and enjoyed ordering my blank media there, take care.

Date Jun 15 2004 9:46PM
Emails: xxx@comcast.net
Comment: Excellent site, buy all my dvd/cd-r from here.

Date Jun 15 2004 8:13PM
Emails: xxx@aol.com
Comment: Excellent service, excellent prices, and excellent products.

Date Jun 15 2004 7:59PM
Emails: xxx@focaltech.com
Comment: I LOVE InknTech! Everything is cheap in the first place then they throw in free shipping and to top it off additonal instant discounts! Thank You InknTech!

Date Jun 15 2004 7:56PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: you guys have great product at great prices that why you guys are # 1 to me

Date Jun 15 2004 5:27PM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: So far so good, have heard a lot of good things about this company. Looking forward to receiving my order.

Date Jun 15 2004 3:14PM
Emails: xxx@sbcglobal.net
Comment: This order was my second with InknTech, and I am very satisfied so far. I thought there would be a 5% spoilage due to flawed disc. But I found only a 1% spoilage factor. So you are selling a good product at a low price and giving me good service. Thank you very much. It is hard to find web sites like yours.

Date Jun 15 2004 2:05PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: The low prices and free shipping just can't be beat.

Date Jun 15 2004 12:28PM
Emails: xxx@hotmail.com
Comment: I was recommended to this site by a friend. I will shop for blank DVD here first ALWAYS!!!

Date Jun 15 2004 11:15AM
Emails: xxx@mindspring.com
Comment: Great products, great service!

Date Jun 15 2004 7:52AM
Emails: xxx@yahoo.com
Comment: The best prices, free delivery and a user friendly website interface... a dream come true. Sorry Comp usa, Best Buy, you're toast!

Date Jun 15 2004 7:26AM
Emails: xxx@dtnspeed.net
Comment: Thanks InknTech!! - second purchase - last 150 dvds worked great on brother's home videos, hoping these 200 will as well - Great job InknTech!!

Date Jun 15 2004 6:56AM
Emails: xxx@casals.com
Comment: I have been searching for cheap dvd media and InknTech has the cheapest and with free shipping! Can't beat that! Keep it up!