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7mm Slim Black Single DVD Case

7mm Slim Black Single DVD Case
Mfrg Code: D7SDBLK-WZ25


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Customer Rating: 4     Write a Review
The Slim Single DVD Case is almost 1/3 the thickness of a standard DVD case. The thin case allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies. It allows you to safely package 1 standard size DVD or CD. Made of high quality plastic this Slim Single DVD Case product features a push button hub for easy media removal, and a clear outer cover that allows for case wrap insert. Both attractive and durable, the Slim Single DVD Case is a great packaging solution


  • Full sleeve for cover art.
  • It is recognized as a standard in high quality DVD packaging.
  • This item holds one DVD disc.

  • Dimension:
    • 190mm x 135mm x 7mm
    • 7 9/16" x 5 3/8" x 9/32"
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Polypropylene Plastic

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This item has been rated: average rating 4
A total of 30 reviews have been posted.

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Reviewed by: Cherie on 2011-04-10 07:07:11.    Rating:rated 2
I have been ordering these cases for 3 yrs now & items always delivered quickly & undamaged. My last order of 200 cases had 38 broken cases.

Reviewed by: Kiffers on 2010-12-21 07:24:14.    Rating:rated 3
I normally love these cases because they are so thin and leave more room when storing dvd's in a space conscious setting. The problem I have with these in particular is, the last batch I purchased from shop4tech, the plastic sleeves were thin and some of them were partially detached from the case itself. Also, once a DVD disc is initially placed in the case and the center hub snaps it into place, usually one of the little tabs holding the disc will break off so that upon removing the disc and reinserting it, the disc will fall out of the case from then on. I have only found ONCE from a different manufacturer where the plastic sleeve was a bit thicker than sandwich bag grade and it was adhered to the plastic case very well. I have not been able to locate those specific cases for some time now. And because they are packed in the box so tightly, upon shipment, some of the outer cases will become broken and with this last batch I threw at least 5 of them away because they were broken beyond trying to use them. Other than that, I will use them but I wished I could locate a much more quality brand like I found ONCE.

Reviewed by: bmgisme on 2010-12-07 17:18:34.    Rating:rated 5
These DVD cases are great. I have gone through 3 boxes of 100 already and I have not had even 1 defective case yet. I recommend these DVD cases for good quality at a low price.

Reviewed by: shelover on 2010-03-30 12:36:22.    Rating:rated 5
These are great haven't ever had a broken one yet. Have order others and got them broken. But not from this company.

Reviewed by: Spielberg Wannabe on 2010-01-06 10:33:12.    Rating:rated 5
I work for a nonprofit agency that works with disabled and developmentally delayed adults. Throughout the year, I take pictures of them working and attending social events. At Christmas, each of them receives a DVD photoshow with the past year's pictures. This has become quite a tradition. I love, love, love this product. It allows me to make a cover with pictures. The case is sturdy and well done. Love the slim design too. Hope you always carry this great product!

Reviewed by: Mr. Oz on 2009-01-21 06:00:24.    Rating:rated 3
I've been buying theses cases for over a year now. The first few boxes were amazing. Firm, sturdy and secure. Lately however, they plastic is much more soft and much less secure than prior shipments. The case does it's job and holds the disk along with closing and opening. But users must be gentle in handling the cases. If you open with and real force you will easily tear the case. Since most of my DVD's just sit on a shelf until use maybe twice a year these cases are ideal. But for frequent use I would be reluctant. Price- 4/5 Material- 3/5 Life- 4/5 Space- 4/5

Reviewed by: JJ on 2008-08-03 23:39:08.    Rating:rated 5
Works great for the price I paid. The DVD cases works fine. They are not like those super nice cases used by major studios for original DVD movies. For me, they work just fine. The DVD discs holds well in place and the case closes just fine.

Reviewed by: SynPanda on 2008-01-30 13:37:03.    Rating:rated 1
PURE JUNK!! Upon getting the 100 I ordered, 54% of them broke when I opened them for the very first time. The tabs that hold the case together broke off on 1st opening and they fell to the floor. Leaving one side (top or bottom) unable to close back up. This happened on most, on some of the others the spine completely ripped down the middle. In fact, on the few that were usable, you could see that when you open it, one part of the spine's hinge gives way but the other side stays firm, causing the other to bend out of proportion. These are of the CHEAPEST quality and being a case buyer from many competitors, I have to say these were the worst I've encountered. Do NOT waste your money unless your comfortable with less then 1/2 being somewhat useable, and maybe only workable for a few more uses.

Reviewed by: Hopcake on 2007-10-17 12:22:36.    Rating:rated 3
Only 2 of 100 had broken latches, the latches seem to hold, but the cases were pretty warped ... the exterior plastic cover seemed sized too small. The middle buckles open, but on the shelf, they hold up okay. The 9mm double disk sleeves hold up better, overall.

Reviewed by: KT on 2007-08-21 21:26:05.    Rating:rated 4
Super fast shipping and quality items, however, the smell of these cases is so awful, it's near unbearable. I was stacking them away and then later I moved a few around and I had to wash my hands both times, as I had the odor all over my fingers. I'm hoping these aren't toxic.

Reviewed by: JoJo on 2007-05-06 19:00:12.    Rating:rated 4
They work really good...i got them a few times but the weird thing is the very first 100 i got worked perfect, even the plastic was stronger. Then after that every time a got more they dont work as good, meaning they close good but the hub inside that holds the disc, holds them kind of loose some more then others. Overall they good!...Did anybody have that same problem too?

Reviewed by: Bowman65 on 2007-02-01 18:26:40.    Rating:rated 3
I ordered a couple of hundred of these cases and consider them to be mediocre at best. When they manufactured them they had a design flaw with the latches that hold them closed. Also the disks aren't secured real well on the inside of the case as I have had a few come loose and get scratched due to them moving around on the disk sprue. Everything else I have gotten from Shop4Tech as been fantastic, these just fall short.

Reviewed by: wmgan on 2006-07-21 22:14:11.    Rating:rated 4
These are superb cases for their price. They may not be as sturdy as the slim cases used in commercial DVDs, but they're certainly good enough for storing one's homemade or backup DVDs. Although slimmer (5mm spine) cases exist, the 7mm spine of these "Super Slim" cases offer the ideal tradeoff of space saving and readability of the spine text. Speaking of which, if you're looking for an easy way to resize and print covers for these (and any sized) DVD covers, try the freeware program UnderCoverXP. The best thing is, your covers will fit on standard 8.5"x11" paper (while covers for standard-sized DVD cases will not). (An interesting note: when I made my own cover in Photoshop with a spine width of exactly 7mm, the actual spine width of the case turned out to be a little narrower. In fact, to my eye, the spine widths of the cases do look closer to 5mm than 7mm, but the "7mm spine" setting in UnderCoverXP works perfectly, so I really wonder how the spine width is measured....)

Reviewed by: anamul on 2006-06-18 18:20:25.    Rating:rated 4
These cases are an excellent value. I purchased a box of 100 and have not had any problems yet of the 20 or so that I've used. No broken cases in shipping and no problems with the latches. I noticed other reviews that mention the latches as being a problem..maybe they changed something on them because they work great. As others have said, they do smell funny. Reminds me of a campfire. The material is a tad on the thin/flimsy side. The button is great. Very easy to remove the disc without bending or breaking it. Been using undercoverxp to print the covers that I download from cdcovers.cc and the end results look great.

Reviewed by: Mobile DJ/Videoography on 2006-06-15 19:15:08.    Rating:rated 5
this product is great, shop4tech did a great job in packing and shipping and it got to me faster than i expected. very sturdy and a nice slim design so it doesnt take up as muchspace as the big cases.